E-commerce Web Design

Ecommerce Web Design

Think beyond a secure shopping experience. We can help make your website your most efficient and hard working selling tool. During the research and planning phase, we map the entire journey of your users from start to checkout with primary focus on conversions and upsell. As a result, we build a secure, intuitive and scalable website that provides an ideal buying experience to your users and a perfect admin platform to you.

We employ a real user tested UX & content strategy to all our websites. The objective is to provide the users with strong call to action and clear message which incites them to take action towards accomplishing the goal of the page. For example, Add to cart, Checkout or most importantly Make Payment, guiding the user through a perfect buying experience.

Our user interface is also designed intuitively which allows the users to easily search & select products to proceed to checkout quickly. Additionally, our websites show optimum speed, usability and responsiveness directly influencing the overall conversion rates and customer retention.

Features of a Successful Ecommerce Website

Whilst there are no universal features which guarantee the success of your online shop, there are few essentials which should not be ignored when creating a selling platform for your website.

Hassle-free checkout

The checkout process must look effortless to your visitors. Assign separate tabs for different stages of the process to make it appear more organized and convenient. Do not overwhelm the prospects with cluttered and complicated checkout pages. Build trust by displaying certification badges like VeriSign or McAfee.

Dynamic Shopping Cart

Provide a smoother and more personalized buying experience to your visitors. Add features like displaying a section of the active shopping cart as a small pop up when a visitor selects any item for purchase. Or provide options like "save it for later/favorite/shortlist" to help the visitors feel comfortable and organized.

Product Filtering

Customize your customer's shopping experience by giving them the ability to filter their search results based on price, color, size, popularity or any other specifications as suitable with your product/service. To help the users return to the full range of products a "VIEW ALL" option can be featured to make things easier.

100% up time

What can be a bigger nightmare is having a buyer on checkout page with a long list of items to purchase and your website server gets down? It will not only curtail your sales but it also affects your business reputation. Upgrade your hosting plan immediately to suit the amount of visitors or orders your website receives.

Set goals for every page

Home page for example, should entice the buyers to visit the product categories or search for any particular item directly. The following product page should have elements like similar products, combo offer, product description, shipping charges, delivery date & more to clarify doubts & further convince them to make a purchase.

Building brand loyalty

Generally people visit multiple websites to compare the offers and products before making a purchase. Here the online reputation of a brand counts more than a discount/saving of few cents. Always find and avail the opportunities to bring your visitors back to complete their purchases or search for other items.



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