Website Designing

Web Design Process

When we take on Web Design job, we do it well! We have over 17 years of experience working closely with local and international clients, understanding their requirements and creating beautiful websites that deliver results. We have developed simple brochure websites, tailor-made eCommerce solutions as well as web portals for large corporate clients. We have the ability to customize our web design solutions for varied customer needs and budget.

When we build your website, we create a user experience that will engage your visitors, display credibility, communicate the message and ultimately convert them into your customers. Our team of skilled digital specialists will create and nurture your website experience as much as you need.

We can help to ensure your website makes a great first impression with visitors. Focusing on your target audience, we build user friendly, eye catching websites using high end functionalities. We ensure a functional and intuitive display of your products, services, navigation and call-to-action that is focused on your bottom line.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design saves you from the trouble of having a dedicated mobile app for your business and its on-going promotion. Now you can get a single dynamic version of your website that naturally resizes its content and images for a variety of screen sizes.

Not only that a responsive website looks beautiful across all devices, it also makes sure that your business is prepared for the future web:
  • Your website becomes mobile and search engine friendly.
  • Your website conversion rates and overall traffic would increase.
  • Responsive Design is efficient in terms of time and cost.
  • It is highly important for ranking high in mobile search results.
  • Aids in ranking high on Search Engine Result Pages.

Web Design Process

As professional web designers we always highlight creativity and usability as the main elements of designing a website. We often describe ourselves as engineers who have a creative inspiration to produce the perfect design for our clients. But in reality, the web designing process is a little more complex and organized.


Once our client's requirements and project objectives are understood, a detailed project scope is prepared. This outlines all the specific activities and deliverables of the project along with the deadlines. It is on the basis of this project scope that all teams create several smaller/manageable tasks with specific start/end dates.

Wireframe & Architecture

At first, a blueprint of the website is prepared that includes creating a site architecture and wireframe. Site architecture shows the overall navigation structure of the website, while a wireframe provides a detailed layout of the content and design elements for each page. These samples are then shared with the client for approval and if approved the teams start building the website.

Design & Development

Based on the site architecture and wireframe multiple visual designs are created. After a review of these concepts, our clients provide their feedback and the necessary design alterations are incorporated. These visuals are then coded to web pages using the latest and most suitable programming technologies.

Testing & Launch

In addition to regular testing during design and coding stages, a dedicated team of web technicians review the project before launch. They have several criteria to rigorously test the website and make sure that functionality meets the specific requirements of our client's needs. Our clients are highly involved at this stage including queries/feedback which are addressed satisfactorily before launching the new error-free website.

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Our relentless endeavors to create sublime web projects takes us all around the globe. Our client portfolio comprises an array of varied & respectable brands of the world.